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RVC Student Animal Welfare Society Website

“Create all the happiness you are able to create; remove all the misery you are able to remove” – Jeremy Bentham

keep up to date with all of SAWS's ongoing activities, upcoming events, animal welfare-related news and so much more!

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Wondering why breed standards still exist? Questioning the necessity of painful procedures? Searching for resources and skills to make animals “happier”? Dreaming for a world with less pain and suffering? Hoping to bring a positive and lasting changes to animals?

We are a dedicated society here to share your compassion and concerns for animals with. From a Frenchie to a panda, a farmer to an animal lawyer, a volunteering opportunity to a potential career, SAWS will bring you a broad range of resources and opportunities to connect with local and international welfare organisations improving welfare of animals.
Through talks, ethical discussions, conferences, volunteering trips, socials, and monthly newsletter, we aim to raise the awareness of animals suffering and promote better welfare practices and education. SAWS is committed to provide inspirational and professional information and skills to help you really make a difference to the ones in need.

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